Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meth(ylcobalamin) Junkie?

For the past few years I have been administering B12 injections weekly. Your body needs B12 for healthy cell growth and function. It improves brain function (which I need desperately), memory, nervous system, and so on. It also gives you a boost of energy and alertness. B12 tablets are not absorbed very efficiently in the body and injections gives your body the best ability to absorb it. I may turned into a bit of a junkie because I have used it during periods of fatigue induced by my RA. It may be psychological, but I feel it helps with my energy levels. You can't overdose on B12 and your body doesn't store excess. I am curious to know if any of you take B12 injections or have in the past.

Great Time!

The family and I had an awesome vacation in Orlando. The weather was great and the crowds usually associated with the area were nonexistent. My jackass friend RA showed up from time to time but wasn't really a factor. Multiple trips to Sea World and a visit to Busch Gardens took place, as well time just relaxing around the many pools. If you ever visit Sea World, spend the extra $60 and get the VIP "behind the scenes" tour. Amy and Addy got some shopping in during our vacation as well. I even went with and didn't complain the entire time. I rode my first roller coaster. I know that seems crazy and you are probably saying "What rock have you been living under". It seems crazy to me too, especially me being a confirmed adrenaline junkie by several sources. It was tough coming back to work the other day but I managed. I learned that my supervisor is moving on and perhaps a promotion for me is in the works. We'll see what happens. I'll post some pics from our trip soon. Until then the pic posted is of Addy taking her first scuba lesson at 6 years old. She has no fear in anything she does and I think some of my "adrenaline junkie" may have been rubbed off on her. God help me is she does a 1/4 of the crap I did as a kid.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PT Update

My body is numb anytime I finish working out with my new trainer/coach/motivator. As I sit here here I think I still have ringing in my ears from this mornings motivational excerpts. I have not seen these motivational techniques since I was 18, in basic training, being dressed down by a DI. Pat can break me down like no other. The important thing is that he can build me back up like no other as well. In only a week and a half he has brought out more strength from my body then I ever thought possible. "Weak mind, weak body." "Strong mind, strong body." I have heard those words echoed daily. There are times I would like nothing better then to kick the ever lovin' crap out of this 70 year old man. That anger is channeled into whatever exercise I am performing and he gets that extra rep he is looking for from me. I have to be honest with all of you. I would love to kick the ever lovin' crap out of that 70 year old man, but the truth is, he would be the one delivering the kicking, not me. I am looking forward to the upcoming recovery week. Just stretching and cardio are on the docket for me. It works out perfectly with a late summer vacation to Orlando with the family. I am sure Amy will get a briefing from Pat before we leave and will likely be reporting on the status of my workouts to him next week. I will workout but I think I am leaving the diet plan behind me when we leave for Florida. Naughty diet here I come! I hope my liver has toughened up too, because there are a few adult beverages with my name of them too. I'll be sure to give you all the details upon the return, along with some pics. Cheers all! Hope this finds you happy and some what pain free. Mike...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ever have one of those days you wish you were a kid and could stop and say "Do over!"? Most of the days I wish I could do this fall in place with post-MTX dosing. Poor Amy got a healthy dose of "Grumpy Mike" this morning. I did apologize before leaving for work today but I have carried the burden of the way I acted all day. I am sure some of you battle with the same. I guess part of me just needed to get that off my chest. We have had some activity here at work today, a DTO flight, a vehicle accident with injuries, and a person having a falling tree pin them. Things like this always make me pause. I am glad I said I was sorry for the way I acted and said "I love you" before heading out the door. One never knows when a life changing event will happen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Late last week I entered into a nasty little flare up. I managed to stay away from my prednisone despite wake boarding and jet skiing this weekend. I finished my first workout with my new trainer this morning. The picture basically shows how I am feeling after my session. 10 weeks of this? I guess I better slip on a pair of big boy chonies and suck it up. This is going to be tough. The scary part is this is just the test to find my starting point. I actually thought to appear weaker then I was just to make my starting point a little easier. Shame got the better of me and I found the fortitude to give it everything I had. I'll be sure to share what comes of this testing week after it ends. A few of my joints hurt today but just about every muscle in my body is numb at this point. I am going to have a coworker start 1000ml IV on me in a few minutes. I am definately dehydrated from the weekend activities and this mornings workout. Some O2 therapy might be needed as So I had a great weekend on the river with family and a sobering workout this morning. I ache and hurt but the pain lets me know I am still alive and kicking. Hoping everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You meet people in the strangest places...

I am beginning to train with a retired US Olympic weightlifting coach starting next week. How does this sort of stuff happen? Try to picture this as you read. It starts at 5:10 am while hiking up a hill that I call "Heartbreak Ridge" toting a 75lb weight vest. As I near the top to this particular hill I can see a silhouette. It looks to me as if a man is walking an animal of some sort. An animal rather then a dog I say, because of the sheer size of the animal's silhouette. I don't think much of it until I hear the man begin to say "no" (pause) "no" (pause) "NO!" Those words then change into "OH (expletive) NO! I look up to see the the dog charging at me full speed, leash flying in the wind. At his point I am reverting back into animal instinct. Fight or flight! My mind quickly made the decision I wouldn't out run this animal with or without a 75lb vest strapped to me. So, fight it was. I stood my ground as the animal came closer to me. I then heard the man shout, "He's a big baby, he just wants some love". The 163lb hunk of Bull Mastiff got to me and showered me with love and slobber. The gentleman made it to me shortly after the dog and apologized what seemed like 20 times in 10 seconds. I figured the excitement of the situation gone we would part paths and go about our day. He asked if he could walk along for a bit and of course anyone that knows me knows I am up for conversation even this early in the morning. To make a long story find out he is a former oylmpic weightlifting coach, living in the same subdivision I happen to live in. We strike up a conversation about training and conditioning. I told him my struggles of being in my early 40s(geez I hate saying that), my job, and being diagnosed with RA. His response to this was, "This must be fate". To end all of this without going into anymore detail is that this incident allowed me to meet a new friend and that friend has offered to start training me 3 days a week, free of charge. There are some stipulations though. I have to follow a diet plan established by a dietitian friend of his and I can not complain about any of the workouts. Am I lucky or what? I am blessed daily. I am looking forward to starting with him and will keep you posted. Something tells me I only think I have been working out hard for the past 4 or 5 Who would have thought I would meet a new friend, who happens to be a retired oylmpic weightlifting coach at 5:10am on a hill I call "Hearbreak Ridge".

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I wanted to thank Michelle ( for thinking enough of me and what I write to pass on this token of appreciation. I hope some of my words help all of you as much as your words help me. Reading about the trial and tribulations of others affected by this disease is helpful and comforting. It nice to know I am not in this boat alone rowing towards the light. Equally, I get insight into life in general. Your funny posts and stories put a smile upon my face regularly.