Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Time!

The family and I had an awesome vacation in Orlando. The weather was great and the crowds usually associated with the area were nonexistent. My jackass friend RA showed up from time to time but wasn't really a factor. Multiple trips to Sea World and a visit to Busch Gardens took place, as well time just relaxing around the many pools. If you ever visit Sea World, spend the extra $60 and get the VIP "behind the scenes" tour. Amy and Addy got some shopping in during our vacation as well. I even went with and didn't complain the entire time. I rode my first roller coaster. I know that seems crazy and you are probably saying "What rock have you been living under". It seems crazy to me too, especially me being a confirmed adrenaline junkie by several sources. It was tough coming back to work the other day but I managed. I learned that my supervisor is moving on and perhaps a promotion for me is in the works. We'll see what happens. I'll post some pics from our trip soon. Until then the pic posted is of Addy taking her first scuba lesson at 6 years old. She has no fear in anything she does and I think some of my "adrenaline junkie" may have been rubbed off on her. God help me is she does a 1/4 of the crap I did as a kid.

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  1. Both times we have been to Orlando, we went in early September and like you said, the weather and crowds were both great. I can't ride roller coasters, I get sick. It's cool that Addy is turning into an adrenaline junkie.
    Good luck on the promotion.