Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You meet people in the strangest places...

I am beginning to train with a retired US Olympic weightlifting coach starting next week. How does this sort of stuff happen? Try to picture this as you read. It starts at 5:10 am while hiking up a hill that I call "Heartbreak Ridge" toting a 75lb weight vest. As I near the top to this particular hill I can see a silhouette. It looks to me as if a man is walking an animal of some sort. An animal rather then a dog I say, because of the sheer size of the animal's silhouette. I don't think much of it until I hear the man begin to say "no" (pause) "no" (pause) "NO!" Those words then change into "OH (expletive) NO! I look up to see the the dog charging at me full speed, leash flying in the wind. At his point I am reverting back into animal instinct. Fight or flight! My mind quickly made the decision I wouldn't out run this animal with or without a 75lb vest strapped to me. So, fight it was. I stood my ground as the animal came closer to me. I then heard the man shout, "He's a big baby, he just wants some love". The 163lb hunk of Bull Mastiff got to me and showered me with love and slobber. The gentleman made it to me shortly after the dog and apologized what seemed like 20 times in 10 seconds. I figured the excitement of the situation gone we would part paths and go about our day. He asked if he could walk along for a bit and of course anyone that knows me knows I am up for conversation even this early in the morning. To make a long story endless...lol...I find out he is a former oylmpic weightlifting coach, living in the same subdivision I happen to live in. We strike up a conversation about training and conditioning. I told him my struggles of being in my early 40s(geez I hate saying that), my job, and being diagnosed with RA. His response to this was, "This must be fate". To end all of this without going into anymore detail is that this incident allowed me to meet a new friend and that friend has offered to start training me 3 days a week, free of charge. There are some stipulations though. I have to follow a diet plan established by a dietitian friend of his and I can not complain about any of the workouts. Am I lucky or what? I am blessed daily. I am looking forward to starting with him and will keep you posted. Something tells me I only think I have been working out hard for the past 4 or 5 years...lol. Who would have thought I would meet a new friend, who happens to be a retired oylmpic weightlifting coach at 5:10am on a hill I call "Hearbreak Ridge".


  1. Serendipity.

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new training regime. Good luck!

  2. Hey Mike, I just got back from the gym this morning and read your post. This is awesome, I'm jealous!

  3. I am both excited and nervous. I think the workouts are something that I can deal with. The diet is something that will be extrememly difficult for me. I spoke with Jim last night and he has drawn up a contract that he would like me to sign. Well not so much a contract as an agreement holding us responsible to each other through these first 10 weeks. It sounds as though the first week is nothing more then a series of tests to gauge my starting point. I have an annual PT test for work approaching next month so I am sure he will give me some recoup time before I have to complete that. Hope this finds you both doing well. Mike...