Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PT Update

My body is numb anytime I finish working out with my new trainer/coach/motivator. As I sit here here I think I still have ringing in my ears from this mornings motivational excerpts. I have not seen these motivational techniques since I was 18, in basic training, being dressed down by a DI. Pat can break me down like no other. The important thing is that he can build me back up like no other as well. In only a week and a half he has brought out more strength from my body then I ever thought possible. "Weak mind, weak body." "Strong mind, strong body." I have heard those words echoed daily. There are times I would like nothing better then to kick the ever lovin' crap out of this 70 year old man. That anger is channeled into whatever exercise I am performing and he gets that extra rep he is looking for from me. I have to be honest with all of you. I would love to kick the ever lovin' crap out of that 70 year old man, but the truth is, he would be the one delivering the kicking, not me. I am looking forward to the upcoming recovery week. Just stretching and cardio are on the docket for me. It works out perfectly with a late summer vacation to Orlando with the family. I am sure Amy will get a briefing from Pat before we leave and will likely be reporting on the status of my workouts to him next week. I will workout but I think I am leaving the diet plan behind me when we leave for Florida. Naughty diet here I come! I hope my liver has toughened up too, because there are a few adult beverages with my name of them too. I'll be sure to give you all the details upon the return, along with some pics. Cheers all! Hope this finds you happy and some what pain free. Mike...

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  1. I got quit a visual when I read "There are times I would like nothing better then to kick the ever lovin' crap out of this 70 year old man" lol. We love the Orlando area, hope you have a great time.