Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ever have one of those days you wish you were a kid and could stop and say "Do over!"? Most of the days I wish I could do this fall in place with post-MTX dosing. Poor Amy got a healthy dose of "Grumpy Mike" this morning. I did apologize before leaving for work today but I have carried the burden of the way I acted all day. I am sure some of you battle with the same. I guess part of me just needed to get that off my chest. We have had some activity here at work today, a DTO flight, a vehicle accident with injuries, and a person having a falling tree pin them. Things like this always make me pause. I am glad I said I was sorry for the way I acted and said "I love you" before heading out the door. One never knows when a life changing event will happen.


  1. I have often told my husband, "no matter how upset, mad, angry choose your adjective, don't leave this house without at the very least a hug and at best a kiss and I love you". The one day he let his grumpy rule the day, he got into a small fender bender on one of the busiest streets in this city. It woke him quick.

    It's okay to be grumpy just don't leave a home without a love to whomever... God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Good for you for apologizing. Life is too short to hold grudges over petty little things.

  3. You're so right, we don't know what the future holds for us. My wife knows when I am hurting and although she doesn't take it seriously at those times, I still always apologize. It's not easy for them living with a loved one with a chronic disease either.